Writing creative poetry is something I love to do but making money at it is never easy. Poets need to be creative in business in order generate income. Poets can brainstorm with their friends, publishers, poetry groups and life coaches to generate ideas. Creative poetry ideas can come from relationships, listening to others, life stories, stories in the newspaper, or a walk in the park. Sometimes all you have to do is look around you because poetry is found right under your nose.  

Creative poems are found in advertisements, greeting cards, and TV commercials. Songs are made up of creative poems added to music. Poems are combined with creative sculpture parks, painting, and audio tours, or create poems for special occasions. Creative poetry can be written for wedding announcements, given to guess at hotels, and published in chapbooks. It can be read out-loud at open mike nights and used to move people’s opinion. Creative poetry and art can are combine and published in books or shown in an art galleries. Greeting card companies buy hundreds of creative poems each year.  The play “Cats” is made up of a series of creative poems and has travel around the country. 

What are you doing with your creative poetry? I would like to hear from you, so send me your creative ideas on how to make money with poetry.

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